Category: Fish ID

There are many species of fish to found in our oceans.  Some of these fish are target species, with great eating qualities, but others are protected and must not be harmed.  As a responsible spearfisher it is critical that we can identify the specie of fish before ever deciding to pull the trigger in an attempt to capture a fish.
On the following pages you will find photos and information that will assist you in improving your fish identification and knowledge.  They are split into two categories:  Protected Species and Target Species.
Remember, if you are not sure what fish it is you are aiming at, DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER.

Eastern Blue Devilfish

Common Name: Eastern Blue Devilfish
Scientific Name: Paraplesiops bleekeri
Maximum Size: 40cm
NSW Record: 0.624kg (before it became a protected species)
Range: QLD, NSW.

The Eastern Blue Devilfish is a rarely sighted species, living deep within cave system, often in family groups of several adults and juvenile fish. It can be found in estuaries, as well as deep offshore waters. Its most often spotted at dawn or dusk, or on heavily overcast days, near the entrance to the cave. A uniquely coloured species, it is difficult to confuse with any targeted fish species. Care should be taken when spearing fish such as Black Drummer in caves, in case this species is also present.