6:45am one week after daylight saving ended dawned dark and grey at Little Manly cove as the boats gathered on the beach as the ring was put up and the tables set up for the weigh in later in the day.

Forty three divers signed up for the competition including that old stalwart Trippey from the Dolphins who was seen shaking out mothballs out of his dive gear. There was a lot of talk and catching up and it was good to see a new breed of young guns from the North Shore Seahawks that a forming a good team.
The safety talk was conducted and everyone made their way from the reserve to the boats and a few minutes before 8am the boats made their way out slowly to the gathering point outside the cove ready for the flag start from Emanuel’s big R.I.B.
The flag was waved and the boats made their way in all directions some up the harbour and the rest out to sea.
The conditions were quite ordinary with a strong Southerly wind blowing and a nasty sloppy chop making things uncomfortable. Coupled with this was an ordinary 6m to 8m cloudy visibility with a lot of particles throughout the water. Nevertheless the conditions were still very spear able and the fish that came into the weigh in was proof of this.

The competition end is at 1:15pm and the weigh in was conducted soon after, as divers gathered around the fish tubs there was a lot of pointing out in one particular tub. The fish of interest was a coral trout taken by North Shore’s Peter Kemp. It weighed in at 3.055kg. This is second coral trout of the year with SSDs Derrick Cruz getting a 2.8kg specimen in the January Alliman competition at Gunnamatta Bay (Cronulla).
(Pending State record)

National & State record Rough Jacket of 1.220kg taken by Rob ‘No Tears’ Tierney.

weighing in progress, suns out, a café next door with coffee, hot chips and burgers….what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway another great day diving the Alliman , the biggest monthly competition in the Southern hemisphere running continuously from the early 1950s.
The next competition is scheduled for Sunday 3rd May at Watsons Bay
If you are interested in competing or want to know more email me at memberships@usfa.com.au
Safe Diving
Lee Dalli
Metropolitan Spearfishing Zone