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Common Name: Tarwhine
Scientific Name: Rhabdosargus sarba
Maximum Size: 45cm
NSW Record: 1.980kg
Range: QLD, NSW, WA.

Tarwhine are common in estuaries and on shallow rocky reefs. They can form large schools of smaller fish; the largest individuals are often solitary.

This species is best distinguished by the bright golden stripes and gold coloured pectoral fins. It can be confused with the Yellowfin Bream which lacks the stripes and has a pointier head.

The fish mature at between 16-21cm and 2 years old. Spawning takes place in coastal waters during winter and the young fish return to estuaries.

To approach this species the best method is lying on the bottom and waiting for the fish to become curious and cruise in for a closer look. Commercial catches of this species range from 20-80 tonnes per annum. The annual recreational catch is estimated at 130-200 tonnes.

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