Policy coverage is worldwide.


Three scenarios for coverage:

  1.  Whilst participating in events arranged by the USFA. (i.e. scheduled competitions or awards nights etc.).
  2. Whilst participating in events not arranged by the USFA provided two or more members participate and all rules and regulations are followed. (i.e. social dives, pool training with a buddy – wet and dry static and dynamic activities).
  3. Voluntary work arranged by the USFA.

Breach of Maritime, Fisheries or USFA rules or any illegal activity voids the cover under scenario 2.


Weekly Benefits

  • 80% of your average Gross weekly income up to a maximum of $500 per week.
  • Payable for up to 104 weeks (2 years) or until age limitations are reached.
  • Commence after the first 7 days in the event of an injury.



  • $50,000 or a percentage thereof as per Schedule of Compensation Table.
  • Members under the age of 16 or between 65 and 75 years have a “Lump Sum” limit of $10,000.




  • Funeral Expenses – 100% of costs to a maximum $10, 000.
  • Non Medicare Medical Expenses – 100% of costs to a maximum of $5,000. Nil excess.
    • Medicare Expenses (including the Gap) cannot be claimed under this policy, as it is unlawful to do so. Only non-Medicare expenses can be claimed.
  • Parents’ Inconvenience Allowance – Up to $25 per day up to a maximum of $2,000.
  • Emergency Transport Allowance – 100% of expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 from within Commonwealth waters i.e. Rescue Helicopter, ambulance etc.
  • Modification Benefit – If a payment is made under the Lump Sum Benefits, the costs to modify the insured’s vehicle, home or relocating them to a suitable home will be covered up to a maximum of $10,000. Prior written agreement required.
  • Rehabilitation Expenses – If payments are made under the Weekly Benefits cover, the costs for participation in any return to work program deemed reasonable will be covered up a maximum of $5,000.




  • Household Help Benefits – includes, Domestic Home Help, Hire of Medical Aids (Non-Income Earners Only) – 100% to $200 per week for a maximum period of 104 weeks.
  • Student Assistance Benefits (Non-Income Earners Only) – 100% to $250 per week for a maximum period of 104 weeks. Waiting period 7 days
  • Unemployed/Pensioner/Self-Funded Retiree Assistance – For attendance at medical consultations 100% of expenses up to a maximum of $5,000.


A USFA member is spearfishing in the Coral Sea, or anywhere within Commonwealth waters, aboard a spearfishing charter or private vessel with one or more other USFA members and receives an injury (covered under the scope of the policy wording), such as shark attack or hit by a boat, requiring hospital treatment.

Insurance cover will pay for all costs up to $5000 to transport the insured to hospital. The insured is then covered for up to $5000 in costs for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses, up to $5000 Rehabilitation Expenses, up to $10000 Modification Benefits if required and with prior approval. They are also entitled to a Weekly Benefit of up to 80% of their Gross weekly income (max $500/week – 17 to 60 yrs.) for up to 104 weeks after a 7 day waiting period from time of injury. They are also eligible for a Lump Sum Payment in accordance with the Schedule of Compensation Table depending on the allocated injury percentage of up to $50,000.

This is only a summary of the USFA cover, for full details you should read the policy documents in full. The policy documents may be downloaded and viewed on our web site.

The policies are:

  1. Worldwide Group Personal Accident Insurance which covers members up to 75 years of age whilst participating in events organised by the insured and non scheduled events provided 2 or more members participate and all rules and regulations are followed, including voluntary work on behalf of the insured (refer to following summary of cover, the Group Personal Accident Policy Wording PDF and the Group Personal Accident Capital and Additional Benefit Tables PDF for details of cover).
  2. Public and Products Liability including Advertising Liability Policy covering the USFA and affiliated clubs and members (refer to following coverage summary and Liability Policy Wording PDF.

Please refer to the Policy Wordings which are downloadable from the links below.



The USFA is pleased to announce that we have updated the insurance policies covering our members and Office Bearers.

Member concerns on extent and quality of coverage have been listened to and considerable effort went into sourcing what can be described as the “Broadest and most comprehensive coverage for Spearfishers and Snorkelers ever seen in Australia”.

Of particular note is the Group Personal Accident Coverage which now covers members subject to age limits ANYTIME they dive WORLDWIDE as per below:

This means we are now able to offer better value for membership through very real insurance coverage to social and non-competition divers as well as our clubs and competition divers. Previously, there was no insurance coverage for members if they were not participating in a sanctioned event or competition. This lack of coverage for social, independent, younger or older members who were not interested in or able to compete has now been addressed.

We have arranged, along with many other benefits, income protection up to $500 per week for 104 weeks after a waiting period of just 7 days subject to policy conditions.

This is very real coverage which will benefit the majority of our members.
More specific details are to come soon and will be distributed.

The USFA are very excited and proud to offer these improvements to their members.