Sydney Orcas Spearfishing Club is the first Asian spearfishing club recognised by USFA.We are dedicated to bring spearfishing and diving, sustainability spearfishing, and the club culture and history into local Asian community.

Our founding members are keen on building up a networking system for like-minded people to compete and grow, share skill and knowledge, and find friends for life.

Orcas is a very young club based in Sydney, we host regular events and meet-up workshops, spearfishing trips, and looking forward to host our competition shortly.

New members are always welcome, join us by sign up as member and grow with us, Stay in touch with us on Facebook @Sydeny Orcas Spearfishing Club, also in WeChat.




悉尼虎鲸俱乐部欢迎你的加入,可以通过USFA网站注册成为俱乐部会员,更多活动咨询请订阅我们的Facebook主页@Sydney Orcas Spearfishing Club以及微信组群。

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