Kingfish Cup Rules

Kingfish Cup Regulations:

This is a fun, easy event to take part of – go diving, spear a kingish, weigh it in at a weigh station and be in the chance to get a prize no matter the size of the legal kingfish.

However, there are some guidelines that need to be adhered to so we have a smooth running event to occur.

Fishing Boundaries

  • Fish can ONLY be taken between Bird Island and Bass Point (fishing outside this area you will be disqualified.)

Signing on daily for the event – letting us know you are going to dive on that day.

Once you have registered online for the Kingfish Cup (ensuring you have entered your mobile number and email) you will still need to let us know when you are entering the water, and  approximately where you will be, and how long you expect to be diving for.  This process is the “sign on” 

You will need to sign on    (the green button) your intent to dive on each of the days that you choose to fish (you may fish either one, or both, of the days of the Kingfish Cup.)  You may dive multiple  locations, just please remember and this is important to “sign off”


Signing off for the day – letting us know you are safely back.

You need to let us know you are back on land so we do not contact services to go looking for you and to save you from being disqualified!

  •  The sign off is the red button, if you do not sign off by 1600 – you will be disqualified by the committee, and emergency services called to locate you. Please press the “RED” button to sign off! Log back on to the website to sign on 

Weighing in your Kingfish

Your Kingfish must be weighed-in at one of the nominated non contact weigh-in stations. 

Location 1: Adreno Sydney Store – 1/678-682 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 

                    Open 10 – 5 pm

Location 2: Terrigal – Boat Ramp 

                    Open 1 – 5 pm

Location 3: Little Manly – Craig Ave Manly NSW 

                    Open 1 – 5 pm

Other Stuff

This is ethical stuff and it comes down to your own integrity, like it was mentioned above – this is a fun, easy event to be a part of, don’t complicate things with doubt please.

  • You are allowed to enter one kingfish per day over the weekend
  • Float and Alpha flag must be used by the diver
  • Fish landed by the one diver is to be weighed in by that diver only, no one else shall weigh in another diver’s fish for themselves.
  • Do not enter the water before 0800
  • Sign on each day 
  • Sign off each day before 1600
  • Dive only in the permitted areas as per NSW Fisheries regulations.
  • You must comply with all current NSW health orders
  • Any issues that may arise the organisers will revert to the Sydney Zone Spearfishing event rules for guidance.
  • Prizes are for Open, Ladies and Junior categories, and, their will be 5 Mystery Weight prizes, and, prizes for attending the presentation evening at Adreno.
  • The “OPEN” category means everyone. The Ladies, self-explanatory. Juniors under 18 years of age on the date of each days event.
  • Mystery Weight shall be determined by a non-competitor drawing a weight “out of a hat” at the presentation evening. The five closest to the mystery weight shall receive the prizes.  The Open category heaviest fish will not be included in the Mystery Weight, nor will the Lucky Door entrant major prize winner.


Kingfish Cup Prizes: Heaviest Kingfish


1st to 5th place


1st to 3rd place


1st to 3rd place

Mystery Weights (Kingfish weight closest to the weight drawn)

Mystery Ticket prizes