North Shore Underwater Club


North Shore Underwater Club boasts more than 65 financial members spanning from Penshurst down South, Blacktown in the West, Bondi in the East and, of course, all up and down the Northern Beaches. Not only does it give the ability to participate in Alliman competitions but it represents an excellent network of dive buddies. North Shore has always encouraged the development of new divers and it is our aim to get you taking the fish you are after. No questions are stupid or too basic, ask us how to shoot a luderick and we will show you how to.

Membership to North Shore also awards you membership to the Sydney Freedivers. SF is the ONLY insured and competition capable freediving club in Australia. Sydney Freedivers focuses on the freediving side and has its own host of training sessions, pool sessions and competitions.

North Shore is an exciting club boasting a huge breadth of divers from Sub Juniors to veterans at all skill levels. North Shore Underwater Club has in the past run many training sessions on pertinent topics throughout the years. We are sure that by attending just a single training session you will learn something that you didn’t think of before or perhaps didn’t know.

You do not have to be a member of NSUC to attend these as they are training sessions to encourage people to learn, come along, learn about the club and then make a decision whether the club scene is for them. I encourage you all to come along for at least one topic of your choice and join in what is always a great night of beers, raffles, dinner…oh yes and the training!




NSUC historically hosts a high number of social events, we feel these weekends are a necessity as it gives our members the opportunity to network amongst each other outside of the structured monthly meetings, to find new dive buddies and in some cases friends for life. 

In the past we have been lucky enough to be able to run a number of bunnings bbq’s which has allowed the club to be able to sponsor our ever growing list of social occasions some of which include:

  • Annual seal rocks camping weekend
  • Annual coffs harbour trip/ club competition
  • Club partners competition
  • New Zealand/reef trips
  • Family day/bbqs
  • Excellent end of year xmas party & many more


In addition to being involved in all of the USFA run competitions including the Alliman shield, Sydney cup etc. NSUC also regularly run our own club competitions to encourage a bit of healthy competition within the club, and as a good excuse to get together and enjoy a day or two in the water.

Our club competitions range from annual events such as the seal rocks club comp and Coffs harbour club comp to hand spear and social comps in the harbour. We have also in recent times been running a regular pairs competition which involves two divers fishing as a team with only one gun, not only does this promote safe diving practice and teamwork, but it has also proved to be great fun aswell..


  • 4th Wednesday of the Month
  • 7:00OM
  • Level 2 – Club Totem – Balgowlah- Please seee our facebook page for any changes
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