Welcome Norah Hammerheads

New Spearfishing Club from the Central Coast joins the USFA

Exciting news as the USFA welcomes the latest spearfishing club to join the USFA – The Norah Hammerheads! The continued growth of spearfishing in the outer reaches of the greater Sydney area continues, and the Hammerheads will be a tremendous asset to spearfishing, based loosely around the Norah Head to Swansea region, Norah Head boat ramp being the local, the Club Committee consists of

President: Alex Bond Vice President: Brett Carter Treasurer: Craig Bond Secretary: Justin Elsey Sports Secretary: Beau Mellon

The foundation for the club is based on bringing families and the community together for a bit social fun and some friendly competition with the added bonus of putting some fresh healthy fish on the dinner table. A focus on giving education and support to new members of all ages to the sport, teaching safety awareness, understanding the rules and regulation in regards to safe boating and legal capture of species, and to promote the sustainable sport of Spearfishing in a positive way.

The Hammerheads will have regular meetings at the Norah Head Sports Club, third Sunday of the month from 1630. The USFA Committee and members wish “The Hammers” all the best and we look forward to seeing you grow and develop your membership under the auspices of the Underwater Skindivers and Fishermen’s Association.