One Up One Down – Pairs

The Pairs concept has been going on successfully in New Zealand for many decades now, it was brought in to combat the incidence of mishap to the individual diver and since its inception there has been no major injury to a spearfisher during these team events, this pairs format is also what is used in the Inter Pacific competitions that our Australian team enters against countries such as New Zealand, Noumea, Tahiti and Hawaii.

The USFA is excited to bring this concept to its members.  The Pairs style of diving guarantees improvement in the individuals spearfishing and diving skill and ensures safer practice due to the “one up one down” nature of the event, the one diver “up” on the surface is able to look out for his descending team mate’s safety both below and on top of the water.

Sub – Junior divers are able to enter with a parent or older diver so not only will it ensure great enjoyment with the family it can also see greater knowledge handed down to the next generation. Throw in great “lucky door” prizes for teams and everyone can walk away smiling from a great day in the water.  The fish sheet for this format also differs to regular club events.

Some helpful points that may answer some questions:

  • Great idea to read the rules, then read them again. If you can’t be bothered some of the key rules are mentioned below.
  • Bring your floats to the event however only one float is used between each team – keep reading.
  • At the first couple of events the USFA will supply each pair with a 4m line, a requirement for you to have on you. This is one of two lines, the other being more than 6m and less than 40m see Rule 4.6
  • Rule 3.6 where one member of the team must hold the long line the other member must hold the short line. So it is a great idea to ensure you have shark clips on your guns (you each carry a gun) and shark clips on your shared float.
  • One member of the pair is always on the surface see rule 3.4
  • Rule 3.9 A team member may assist their team mate to land a fish. However, one diver must remain on the surface.
  • It is imperative to have one diver up on the surface while one diver is down at all times.
  • Everyone leaves from the same area it is a rockhopping event – no boats.
  • There will be an award for best team and some age categories.

Join us for a day in the ocean to practice the latest advancements in safe skindiving and help to preach the safe diving message to others. Spearfish safely – practice one up one down.

USFA Pairs Event Rules