NSW State Titles – 2016


The annual state spearfishing titles was hosted the Metro Zone and there were a number of locations earmarked in Sydney for this two day competition on both sides of the Harbour. Divers came from all over from Coffs Harbour (Cheers Brian) and up from Kiama (Max).

Day 1

The first day of diving was at Long Bay Malabar, the weather was absolutely perfect with flat seas, light westerly winds and sunny conditions. Thirty one divers gathered at the car park north of the bay from 7am to sign on, listen to the safety talk and at 8am once the roll call was done the competitors raced away in all directions to get in the water and start the days spearfishing. Gary Baxter & his mate Tony were in the designated safety boat kept an eye on all divers during the day and there were no incidents recorded thankfully. As the time of the competition end neared (1pm) the spearos came in steadily and put their fish in the trailer and luckily everyone was on time. Then the fish was conveyed back to the South Sydney Fishermen’s Club in Chifley (only five minutes away) for the weigh in and BBQ.

Our BBQ manager Tony had laid out a great spread with Portuguese chicken, bread rolls and salads and everyone ate hungrily before starting the weigh in. Some excellent fish were seen but the outstanding fish was Cameron Gall from Mosman Whalers who had a 2.7kg coral trout! Whether this fish came down from up North via the currents or was a victim of a Buddist religious release it is not known but nevertheless a magnificent capture for Sydney. This is one of the five known taken in Sydney area in the last year!

Day 2

Turned out to be an even more perfect day than Day 1! It was an earlier start than yesterday at Long Reef where the divers came together at the historic Fisherman’s shack (built in the early 1870s) from 6:30am for a 7am start. Paul Christie was there in the safety boat and after the safety talk and roll call the divers raced to all around the headland to begin the competition. As 1pm neared the divers came in and placed their fish in the ring all looking tired and ready for something to eat and drink. The BBQ was run by some local Thai girls who created some exotic dishes along with the sausages on rolls and were a big hit.

The weigh in produced some excellent species led by Sans Souci’s Evan Leeson with a lovely 2.175kg snapper and some good goatfish and red rock cod, also from Sans Souci Alex Lewis with a good flathead and tailor.

The scores were tallied and the divers brought together for the presentation. The State Titles champion for 2016 was very narrowly won by San Souci’s Derrick Cruz from young gun Aaron Puckeridge. Grand Master was the likeable Pat Mullins and master champion from the South Coast Joe Hyzdal. Junior champion was the much improved Cameron Gall from the Mosman Whalers and new sub junior Lou O’Rourke who just joined the Dolphins. Special mention to the sub junior runner up who only dived on the Sunday, independent Max Kyle who is going to be a very good diver. Let’s not forget the lovely Ashleigh Waters from the Central Coast Sea Lions for being the Lady Champion.

It was a great two day comp, and a big thank you to Adreno who supported the competition and donated many great prizes. Only with Adreno’s help could we run the competition for only the minimal entry fee of $25 for seniors $15 for juniors.

This is a physically challenging competition with a two day rock hop and tests the divers ability and endurance. For more details on this and other USFA supported competitions and the complete scores please go to the usfa.org.au website and select the competition page.

Safe Diving

Lee Dalli
Metropolitan Spearfishing Zone

USFA NSW State Spearfishing Championships 2016

Day 1 of the NSW Championships sign on will be at the Northern car Park, Boat Ramp, Fishermans Road, Long Bay, Malabar (see icon on map)from 0700 for an 0800 start, finishing at 1300 with the weigh in to be held at the South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association, Chifley.

USFA NSW State Titles - 2016 - Day 1 - Malabar
USFA NSW State Titles – 2016 – Day 1 – Malabar


Day 2 of the NSW Championships sign on to be held at Collaroy, Long Reef, the Fishing Clubhouse (see icon on map). Sign on from 0600 for 0700 start and 1300 sign off. Weigh in to be held at the venue.

USFA NSW State Titles - 2016 - Day 2 - Long Reef
USFA NSW State Titles – 2016 – Day 2 – Long Reef