2016 Australian Spearfishing Team needs our help

The 2016 Australian Spearfishing Team is getting ready to smash it at New Zealand in March and USFA are 100% behind helping them get there. Any donations go into the draw for a huge prize pool.

From the team:

We’re heading to the Interpacific Spearfishing Competition in New Zealand this March and are raising funds to make it happen. If you would like to make any donation it would be greatly appreciated! You can visit our fundraising page

2016 Australian Spearfishing Team2016 Australian Spearfishing Team Members Also if you would like to check out our friend Michelle de Rooy Speara‘s athlete page, you will notice she is doing everything she can including promotional videos on youtube to help the team go viral… Check it out!

Hello there winners (cc team and sponsors)

Congratulations to you all – please see the draw results attached.

Aust Team Raffle 2016 - winnersThanks for entering the raffle and supporting the team this year, it was certainly appreciated by us all.

It was a tough and fair competition with our men finishing 3rd and our ladies team 4th.  Both hard earned results in some very tough conditions which played right into the hands of our kiwi brothers and sisters.

We raised $3,220 through our fundraising efforts with the majority of that money being applied toward our travel and associated costs (think excess luggage!) for our 8 person strong team.

Please be sure to thank the sponsors for their generous donations and do what you can in future to support those who generously give back to our sport year after year.

Congratulations once again from myself and the rest of the team,
Mick Pannach