Alliman Shield 2015 – 14th June – Gunnamatta Bay

The day dawned calm and conditions looked terrific for the fourth competition of the 2015 Alliman Shield competition year. The boats & competitors arrived late (bloody winter!) but the sign on, safety talk & roll call went quickly and the divers made their way down to the boats only a few minutes after 8am.Alliman-Shield-2015-Gunnamatta-1


The divers on a perfect morning slowly puttered up Gunnamatta Bay to the marshalling point for the boat start where Macca waved the flag and the boats raced out of the Hacking to get to their favourite spots first.Alliman-Shield-2015-Gunnamatta-3Alliman-Shield-2015-Gunnamatta-4

At the weigh in and thankfully all divers were back on time the story was the same, dirty & cold water and no fish!
The tubs were lined up and the weigh in teams were organised and the weighing started with a lot of interest in who weighed in what!

But as usual there was a number of good and unusual fish taken including:

Congratulations to the St George Dragons (17 divers) for taking out the day with 2733pts with the Dolphins (12 Divers) next with 1920pts then Mosman Whalers (9 divers) with 1607pts and the Seahawks (4 Divers) 938pts.

That fine diver Gunther Pfrengle (STG) proved that even on a perceived ‘bad’ day you can still get a good score with a massive 722pts followed by:
2 Evan Leeson SSD 672pts
3 Jarod Mckenzie MW 473pts
4 Ben Favorito STG 454pts
5 Scott McKenzie MW 433pts
6 Gary Baxter STG 425pts
7 Peter Kemp NS 383pts
8 Grant Russell STG 371pts
9 Jamie Allen STG 348pts
10 Thomas Mercer STG 335pts

Hope to see a heap of divers at the next Alliman at Bayview on the 2nd August 2015. Always a good day up on the Northern Beaches.

Just a reminder that you need to be financial with the USFA to compete and please contact me if you need to join or renew.

Lee Dalli
Metropolitan Spearfishing Zone