Camp at Bass Point, Shellharbour

1950 September


A camp will be held at Bass point, over the 8 Hour week-end, everyone is invited. A marque will be put up for those who cannot supply their own tent. It is essential for us to know how many is coming, and who is coming by train, as we will meet two trains only. The trains leave Central, Friday 29th September at 7.27 p.m., arrive Shellharbour 10.41 p.m. Saturday 30th September, leaves 8.08 a.m. arrives Shellharbour 11. 08 a.m.

All supplies for the week-end must be taken as there are no shops. There are excellent Fishing Grounds, and you can get a lee out of the wind any time.

So come along, one and all! !

Yours sincerely

The Underwater Spear-Fishermen’s Association of N.S.W.