Central Coast Sea Lions

Central Coast Sea Lions

Central Coast Sealions Freediving Club



Northern Zone

General Location

Central Coast Sealions

Meetings Held

4th Thursday of every Month  

Meeting Location

Breakers Country Club Dover Road Wamberal

Contact person(s)

Alastair Cooke, Glenn Bath, Craig Bond


Alastair Cooke

Phone Number




Club Website


Club Facebook Page







Alastair Cooke


Vice President

Andrew Pearce



Dave Thompson



Craig Bond


Sports Secretary

Nathan Garadige


Club Delegate

Glenn Bath


Safety Officer 1

Tony Byrne


Safety Officer 2

Andy Duncan


USFA Website Liaison Officer

(Provide updates and content for club page on USFA website)



General info about Club

The Central Coast Sealions is a spearfishing and freediving club based on the Central Coast of NSW. Our members have one thing in common. They are all passionate about the ocean and respect its beauty and diversity.  Our members participate in a large number of ocean based activities from SCUBA diving and snorkelling to underwater hockey and marine photography.  Members also follow the philosophy of only taking what you need and keeping to the USFA Safe, Selective , Sustainable Seafood principles.

The Sealions are a very sociable club and participate is a large range of fun and social activities.  Whether you are new to Spearfishing or snorkelling we would be happy to show you how to dive and spearfish safely


History of Club

The Sealions was formed back in 1950 making it one of the first spearfishing clubs in Australia.

The club was formed by Bill Heffernan and ????  who were the major pioneers of the club.

Due to inactivity the club disbanded for a few years and was re formed by Glenn Bath and Andrew Pearce back in 1997 as has been going strong every since.


Social Activities

The Sealions also participate in a large number of social activities. These include camping weekends away, scubadiving and film fishing and social BBQ’s.  Our members all love and respect the ocean and

Members of the club often participate in fundraisers to raise money for the club including BBQs, Picnic days, Formal Balls or dinners, Presentations.


Competitions and Events

The Sealions is proud to host an annual event which is also one of the oldest spearfishing competitions in Australia. The Canada Cup Which started back in 1952 as a friendy competition between Spearfiherman and fishermen. The cup was donated by a visiting Canadian tourist who was taken out by some local club members. This competition has generated a large following with upto 50 members participating in the weekends event.  

What monthly competitions do you compete in?

The sealions hold monthly competitions usually on a Sunday. The competition locations vary from the south coast to as far north as south west Rocks on the mid north Coast NSW. The competitons are scored as per the sealions score sheets and points are calculated towards trophys and awards for the end of the year.  A BBQ is put on after the competition so members can relax and enjoy a feed and a cold drink while talking about the days diving.

We also hold weekend away trips in which the competition is usually held on the Saturday giving members a chance to relax on Saturday night and plenty of time to drive home on Sunday. 


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