Spearo clean up Malabar Beach

Attendees to yesterday’s clean up at Malabar were treated to glorious weather conditions and participating divers came through with some pretty spectacular rubbish hauls to match. Fantastic work being done by all, but special rubbish mentions for the large part of a boat hull retrieved, as well as a section of pipe so large you might have thought we were digging up infrastructure in the bay.

Pat Mullins and Derrick Cruz did the hard work salvaging this boat off the rocks at Malabar

A massive thanks to everyone involved in a great morning out, over thirty spearos assisted on the day. Thanks too to the invaluable boaty assistance provided by Ben, Shane, and Dan. A Malabar clean up definitely deserves to be a fixture on the calendar, perhaps Little Bay as well, it is a fantastic way for spearos to give something back to the local community.

Lastly a special thanks goes out to the legends at Adreno Sydney for both their physical help on the day, Pauli and Jake you were great, and the generous prizes donated for the event, vouchers being awarded for the best rubbish hauls. Thank you Adreno’s Craig Seadog, your enthusiasm to assist is always appreciated.

Some of the team involved on the day

The mystery lucky door prize is yet to be drawn and revealed. Stay tuned for that one!!!

Randwick Council sent a supportive message post clean up, aware that spearfishers care for their environment and community well being.

Alex Sehrig

Don’t miss this Sunday’s Malabar clean up comp!

Malabar clean up comp

The Sans Souci Dolphins have decided to open up their annual Malabar Rubbish Dive to everyone and to make it a competition.

We will have an onshore and an in water division. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs in both divisions.

Adreno Spearfishing Sydney is throwing in a whole heap of vouchers (2x$50, 2x$30, 2x$20) as well as one major mystery price.

We intend to give away the prices for the most rubbish collected etc. But there might also be prices for the most meritorious piece of rubbish, the biggest turd or the most sinkers and golf balls 🙂

We will have a safety boat/GARBARGE and safety jet ski.

Local businesses are supporting the event with donations of food for the after work feast as well as vouchers and prices.

The event is FREE but there are some conditions of entry:

USFA qrcode
  • Divers must have a float with a flag and rig line.
  • Divers must have USFA or AUF membership. If you haven’t got either you will be able to purchase one on the day.
  • Here is a QR code for a $5 one of cleanup day membership
  • Do not bring a speargun.

When: This Sunday, 18th of September.

Safety briefing and sign on is at 08:00 sharp.

Diving and collecting finishes at 10:30 sharp.

On shore and in water collectors must sign on and sign off!

Lets do this, Lets cleanup the bay and have some fun with it!

Don’t miss this one guys!

Vale: Les Gleaves

Les Gleaves, Sans Souci Dolphin Life Member, NSW State spearfishing representative, UW hockey player, great all-round fisherman and man of the sea, an excellent pool player, and just an all-round gentleman and good guy.  

Appearing at the Dolphins in the late 60’s as a gangly, quiet teenager Les quickly made his mark spearfishing amongst his peers. 

Growing into phenomenal strength both physically and mentally, and possessing a freakish breath hold and a fantastic fish sense  Les had this unerring ability to usually spear the biggest fish of an outing. Les held the World and National Record for Dogtooth Tuna at 55kg, an amazing achievement at this time (speared in 1986 in the Coral Sea) the record lasting a decade.

Selfless and a good listener. he would be that guy who would often take the juniors and beginners on his boat, never worrying much if it affected his day; you could ask Les anything and he would tell you what he knew to help you progress; he would listen to everyone’s tales of woe (typical of all fishermen) yet I could bet after you spilled your misery he would have some quip, or his own experiences of the day to say  to brighten your own day. Les continually assisted on committees of his club, Zone and State and held positions as Sports Secretary and Records Officer amongst other roles.

Revered amongst the Spearfishing Association scene as a lovely bloke, who possessed a cracking sense of humour, Les was seldom seen without a beer in hand after a dive usually bare chested wearing his customary wetsuit shorts for all seasons and climes.  Les was a fount of knowledge on all things fish, superb at fish identification, and complemented this with knowing where best to find each species of fish.

Les with Maori Wrasse and sea snake adornment

Les,  myself and plenty of others were looking forward to catching up with you at the USFA’s coming 75th anniversary, those that had the good fortune to have met you will miss you, may the waters you dive be clear, the fish abundant, your spear flies true and forever cold is your beer.  Thank you for being so kind and patient with me, and for everything you gave to spearfishing, you never asked for anything in return. You were one of my heroes.


New-look USFA diving into speaking up for spearo’s

Brian Hackett, Hon Dugald Saunders MP and Michael Featherstone

As part of the new-look USFA, we recently met with the Director of Strategy for the Deputy Premier of New South Wales, to take our issues directly to Macquarie Street. As part of these positive discussions, the USFA arranged a face-to-face meeting with the NSW Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, the Hon Dugald Saunders MP. 

The meeting was held in Woopi, at Mick Featherstone’s place (Mick has been the spearfishing rep for Solitary Islands advisory committee for over 12 years). Brian Hackett, the President of the Coffs Harbour Blue Water Freedivers, was also in attendance.  Mick and Brian discussed the Government announcement to introduce a slot limit for the Dusky Flathead (and prosecute the USFA’s position on the matter), gauge the Ministers interest in introducing more marine parks while explaining the importance of our spatial needs in the parks.

Thanks for your time @Dugald Saunders @Paul Toole  @Gurmesh Singh 

We will be continuing our efforts to ensure that spearfishers voices are heard with decision makers here in NSW. Please reach out if you have any queries or comments!

USFA Chairman Simon Trippe with Director of Strategy, Hugh at the Deputy Premier’s Office

2022 USFA Executive Committee

Underwater Skindivers & Fisherman’s Association office bearers:

Office Person
Chairman Simon Trippe
Vice Chairman Parry Gryllis
Secretary Ian Buck
Treasurer Evan Leeson
Public Officer Alistair Cooke
Membership Officer Ricardo Casquete
Sports Secretary Lee Dalli
Events Coordinator Alistair Cooke
Webmaster Sam Kz
First Nations Liaison Officer David Leha
Historical Officer Mel Brown

Club Delegates

Central Coast Sea Lions Josh Ward, Alistair Cooke
Port Hacking Penguins Gary Baxter
Mosman Whalers Steven Park
North Shore Underwater Club Lee Dalli, Ian Buck
Sydney Orcas Bob McComb, Michael Song
Sans Souci Dolphins Sahil Prasad

2021 USFA Executive Committee

Underwater Skindivers & Fisherman’s Association office bearers:

Office Person
Chairman Scott Williams
Vice Chairman Simon Horvath
Secretary Adam Price
Treasurer Gary Baxter
Public Officer Justin Delaney
Membership Officer Tiana Williams
Sports Secretary Scott Williams
Events Coordinator Alby Cooke
Webmaster & Social Media Vacant
First Nations Liaison Officer David Leha
Junior Executive Michael Song
Junior Executive Parry Grillis
Junior Executive Martyn Kieselbach
Historical Officer Mel Brown