Green Jobfish

Jonathan Cassell from the always progressive north coast club the Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers has landed quite the fish. This amazing Green Jobfish is the new USFA NSW record and was speared in the Solitary Island group, it was 106cm long and a couple of grams over 13 kilos.

A handsome, wily, strong fighting fish Jobbies can really work your breath hold. Splendid specimens like Jonathan’s are definitely a top tier specie to land, as Jonathan expressed so well in his application, “…into the boat where we rejoiced in amazement” definitely a stoke specie, and, they are a great eating fish too.

Coff’s Harbour is known as the gateway in NSW for the warmer water species and with this great mix of reef and pelagic species some amazing spearfishing both on and off the shore can occur, it is well worth visiting the Solitary Islands Marine Park you will enjoy the experiences the water will give you.

NSW Record Western Foxfish

Justin Ewan recently landed a new NSW record Western Foxfish (Bodianus frenchii) of 1478gm. Long time St George member Andrew Boomer held the record previously of 1430gm.

Interestingly the NSW record has come from the same area at least three times.

Western Foxies, as a rule of thumb, seem to like access to steeper drop offs, with boulders and caves close to hand, so think of pinnacles too, so they can be seen in shallower water, yet a lot of sightings seem to be that 13 plus metre mark. They have two distinct pale yellow dots, one near the top centre of the body and the other located near the caudal peduncle.

Generally shy they are not often seen by spearos and appear more abundant on the Mid North coast and it’s array of Islands and offshore reef systems. Part of the Wrasse family, (think peg teeth, not fused teeth like Parrots) they are good table fare.

Well done Justin, and thank you for submitting this excellent specimen.

Kingfish Cup information night

Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup

The information night – Thursday November 2nd  from 6.00pm

To kick off the biggest event on Sydney’s spearfishing seasonal calendar we are hosting a social and information night to bring the community together under one roof to set the scene for the following weekends event.
This Kingfish cup was born out of necessity, a competition built to bring our communities together in a sustainable and ethically focused competition with divers from all around Australia participating. A competition driven by inclusion, from the most experienced to aspiring greenhorn learning the ropes and piecing it together. This is what spearfishing is all about. Mateship, adventure, respect for the fishery and healthy competition.

A Q&A panel with kingfish gurus Evann Leeson, Josh Ward and Artie Mensdorff the night’s goal is to share experiences and knowledge around Sydney Spearfishing with a focus on the Kingfish species. Feedback from you has been requested on the science of this fishery, and we are giving this to you on the night, we have a very dedicated team who have been satellite tracking large Yellowtail Kingfish off our coastline and they are excited to be sharing their findings with us on the evening. An evening meal catered by the Paella King Rico, throw in some sensational door prizes for those in attendance on the night, and to those who early bird register for the Cup, the night is shaping up to be a ripper.

This social event will be bigger than the Cup itself!

Spearo clean up Malabar Beach

Attendees to yesterday’s clean up at Malabar were treated to glorious weather conditions and participating divers came through with some pretty spectacular rubbish hauls to match. Fantastic work being done by all, but special rubbish mentions for the large part of a boat hull retrieved, as well as a section of pipe so large you might have thought we were digging up infrastructure in the bay.

Pat Mullins and Derrick Cruz did the hard work salvaging this boat off the rocks at Malabar

A massive thanks to everyone involved in a great morning out, over thirty spearos assisted on the day. Thanks too to the invaluable boaty assistance provided by Ben, Shane, and Dan. A Malabar clean up definitely deserves to be a fixture on the calendar, perhaps Little Bay as well, it is a fantastic way for spearos to give something back to the local community.

Lastly a special thanks goes out to the legends at Adreno Sydney for both their physical help on the day, Pauli and Jake you were great, and the generous prizes donated for the event, vouchers being awarded for the best rubbish hauls. Thank you Adreno’s Craig Seadog, your enthusiasm to assist is always appreciated.

Some of the team involved on the day

The mystery lucky door prize is yet to be drawn and revealed. Stay tuned for that one!!!

Randwick Council sent a supportive message post clean up, aware that spearfishers care for their environment and community well being.

Alex Sehrig

Don’t miss this Sunday’s Malabar clean up comp!

Malabar clean up comp

The Sans Souci Dolphins have decided to open up their annual Malabar Rubbish Dive to everyone and to make it a competition.

We will have an onshore and an in water division. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs in both divisions.

Adreno Spearfishing Sydney is throwing in a whole heap of vouchers (2x$50, 2x$30, 2x$20) as well as one major mystery price.

We intend to give away the prices for the most rubbish collected etc. But there might also be prices for the most meritorious piece of rubbish, the biggest turd or the most sinkers and golf balls 🙂

We will have a safety boat/GARBARGE and safety jet ski.

Local businesses are supporting the event with donations of food for the after work feast as well as vouchers and prices.

The event is FREE but there are some conditions of entry:

USFA qrcode
  • Divers must have a float with a flag and rig line.
  • Divers must have USFA or AUF membership. If you haven’t got either you will be able to purchase one on the day.
  • Here is a QR code for a $5 one of cleanup day membership
  • Do not bring a speargun.

When: This Sunday, 18th of September.

Safety briefing and sign on is at 08:00 sharp.

Diving and collecting finishes at 10:30 sharp.

On shore and in water collectors must sign on and sign off!

Lets do this, Lets cleanup the bay and have some fun with it!

Don’t miss this one guys!