USFA statement on speared Groper

In light of the recent hand spearing of a Groper at Oak Park, Cronulla where the diver was subsequently fined by authorities for taking a protected NSW marine species, the USFA continues to encourage positive participation in Spearfishing.

The USFA absolutely condemns this isolated act. Spearfishers across the State are upset with this random behaviour that does not represent proper spearfishing practice in any way.

The USFA pushed for the protection of Blue Groper in NSW, and introduced a ban on Blue Groper amongst their association before it became formal.

Education and ethics are central to the Association, and members of the USFA continually engage positively with all participating stakeholders of the marine environment, adhering to our stringent Code of Conduct.

The USFA are happy to assist newcomers to spearfishing and direct them to the many clubs around NSW that are the learning portals that lead to continued ethical and sustainable fishing.