Spearfishing Extravaganza at Gunnamatta: A Sizzling Showdown Under the Waves!

Date & Location: 21st January 2024 at Gunnamatta

The sun was high, the ocean shimmering, and the excitement palpable as 21 daring competitors gathered at the picturesque Gunnamatta Bay for the hottest spearfishing competition of the year. The conditions? Well, they were downright sizzling with a temperature soaring to a scorching 39 degrees, making it a perfect day for a splash in the deep blue.

The underwater world was a mixed bag, like a buffet of visibility. Some spots offered poor visibility, creating an intense challenge for the competitors, while other areas revealed a clear underwater wonderland with visibility exceeding 10 meters. It was a true test of skill and adaptability as spearfishers navigated the ever-changing underwater landscape.

Our intrepid contestants, armed with their spears and clad in wetsuits, took the plunge, each hoping to emerge victorious and claim one (or more) of the various categories. The number of competitors, a solid 21, showcased the growing popularity and passion for spearfishing in the community.

Now, let’s talk about the man of the hour—Warren Carter of the Port Hacking Penguins. With a skilful finesse and an uncanny ability to spot the elusive underwater prey, Warren emerged as the highest scorer on this blistering day. The Penguins must have some secret weapon hidden in their icebergs because Warren’s performance was nothing short of spectacular!

Warren Carter, Sydney Cup Champion and Gunther Pfrengle, Runner up
Father and Son Lee and Sam Dalli

Of course, what’s a competition without some fabulous prizes? Dive store Adreno  generously donated over $1000 in Adreno vouchers, creating a treasure trove of rewards for the winners. The vouchers were spread across various categories, ensuring that excellence in different aspects of spearfishing was duly recognised.

As the sun set on this thrilling day of underwater adventure, the competition was far from over. A sizzling BBQ awaited the exhausted but jubilant competitors, turning the post-event atmosphere into a delicious fiesta. Tales of the ones that got away, and the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers also filled the air. A standing ovation and a sizzling shout-out to the BBQ maestro extraordinaire, Deanne Kieselbach! Deanne, we can’t thank you enough for generously volunteering your time and BBQ skills.

Deanne on the tongs

Until next year’s Sydney Cup, keep those spears sharp and your eyes peeled for the next big catch.


Sydney Cup Open Champion – Warren Carter (Penguins) 678pts 14 species

Runner Up and Grand Masters Champion – Gunther Pfrengle (Dragons) 583pts

3rd Placegetter Derrick Cruz (Dolphins) 502pts

Derrick Cruz 3rd place with a 4200gm Rock Blackfish and good Bream
St George Dragons legends Mick Arentz and Gunther Pfrengle

Lee with Adreno winner Ben Favorito from the Dragons
Happy Adreno recipeient Marty Kieselbach from the Penguins